NHS reform? A small change

The coalition government are working on proposals for large scale reform of the NHS. Here is a policy suggestion from a designers’ point of view. A characteristic of  waiting rooms of the NHS, and mainly the GP surgery, is the information poster. The posters – how to quit smoking, what to eat, opening times etcContinue reading “NHS reform? A small change”

David Hockney’s hedgerows

Looking at pictures of  trees and foliage, I was reminded of the documentary David Hockney: A Bigger Picture . In the film, we see Hockney, having left life in Los Angeles, standing on the grass verges of Yorkshire country lanes with canvas and easel, painting the landscape in all weathers. Here he has chosen a common sightContinue reading “David Hockney’s hedgerows”

Snuff bottles

  A selection of Chinese Qing Dynasty snuff bottles caught my eye. They are made of a variety of natural materials; turquoise, glass, clay, jade, silver, pearl and the blue one is decorated with kingfisher feathers set in silver. They look like they would be a pleasure to hold. The imagery comes from nature; dragons,Continue reading “Snuff bottles”