Chalk tea towel

A traditional tea towel design showing Chalk in the north and south of geographical Britain.

Cord for macrame

I am learning macrame and I’ve been looking for cord that would work well for a macrame plant holder project. It needs to be fairly thick, flexible and not too resistant to being knotted and flexed, and strong enough to hold a pot of earth which may be watered. A plant holder project requires eight strands ofContinue reading “Cord for macrame”

Gun Girls

Gun Girls. A short film by Victoria Harwood and Lucy Newman. 1997. 5 mins. Gun Girls is showing at the ICA on Saturday 14th Feb 2017 as part of the London Short Film festival programme, White Trash Girls, Gun Girls & Riot Girls. “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.”Continue reading “Gun Girls”


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