Muster (River Thames)

[portfolio_slideshow] Photos taken on a Thames walk the day before the Jubilee Flotilla.  “A vast range of vessels also plied their trades upon the water. Barges and barks sailed beside chalk-boats; they were joined by small work boats, by pikers, rush-boats, oyster-boats and ferry boats, by whelk-boats and tide boats…. There were boatmen and chalkmen,Continue reading “Muster (River Thames)”

Aquatics centre

The Olympic site is looks like an unfinished airport today. There is a lot of tidying and simplifying to get to the aquatic centre and its surroundings to look like the  space age park of the original artists’ impressions. [portfolio_slideshow]  

My NHS reforms, part two.

Here is an update on a previous post about my own NHS reforms. I visited the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition ‘Dirt’, a tour of our relationship with dirt, illustrated by different places and times. One of the places was the 1938 Finsbury Health Centre, a modern and pioneering design which helped to advance healthcare in Britain.Continue reading “My NHS reforms, part two.”

NHS reform? A small change

The coalition government are working on proposals for large scale reform of the NHS. Here is a policy suggestion from a designers’ point of view. A characteristic of  waiting rooms of the NHS, and mainly the GP surgery, is the information poster. The posters – how to quit smoking, what to eat, opening times etcContinue reading “NHS reform? A small change”

Warmth in a cold snap

Britain is experiencing a cold snap and consequently there is talk of how to keep warm. This has made me look at old ways to keep out the cold. .This is a detail of a tapestry  which hung in a hall in Medieval England. It was a barrier against the cold drafts which crept inContinue reading “Warmth in a cold snap”