Rockwell’s methods

Normal Rockwell painted over 300 covers for the Saturday Evening Post. I didn’t think  I would be interested in Normal Rockwell’s paintings (on display in Dulwich Picture Gallery), but I was. The pictures often show cute and sentimental  caricatures. There are puppies, children, clowns, grandfathers, turned up toes of shoes, santas; these magazine covers areContinue reading “Rockwell’s methods”

David Hockney’s hedgerows

Looking at pictures of  trees and foliage, I was reminded of the documentary David Hockney: A Bigger Picture . In the film, we see Hockney, having left life in Los Angeles, standing on the grass verges of Yorkshire country lanes with canvas and easel, painting the landscape in all weathers. Here he has chosen a common sightContinue reading “David Hockney’s hedgerows”