Warmth in a cold snap

Britain is experiencing a cold snap and consequently there is talk of how to keep warm. This has made me look at old ways to keep out the cold. .This is a detail of a tapestry  which hung in a hall in Medieval England. It was a barrier against the cold drafts which crept inContinue reading “Warmth in a cold snap”

Airmail envelope

The lightweight, blue and red airmail envelope is hardly used anymore, replaced by the sending of emails which is quicker, cheaper and easier than posting a letter. It is set still more firmly in the past with it’s Woolworths branding and price tag. For more on packaging, see categories >>

Neanderthal cosmetics

50 000 year old make up has been discovered by archeaologists in South Eastern Spain. Most surprisingly, it is thought that the make up was used by Neanderthals.  The team has uncovered a thorny oyster shell containing the remnants of pigments. The pigments, made of ground minerals and mixed or stored in the shell palettes,Continue reading “Neanderthal cosmetics”

The world’s first dinosaur sculptures

A few years before the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species, a group of life size dinosaur models was commissioned by the Crystal Palace Company. They were to go on display in the pleasure park near the glassy Crystal Palace Exhibition hall. The sculptor, Hawkins, worked with paleontologist, Richard Owen, to visualise the dinosaurs andContinue reading “The world’s first dinosaur sculptures”