Darwin and change

A blockbuster exhibition about the life and work of Charles Darwin is taking place at the Natural History Museum in London.

In it, there is evidence that the Evolutionists have adapted. The idea which is usually taken for granted as fact, Evolution, now has to defend itself. Speaking from video displays, scientists fend off the increasing threat of the unscientific Creationism and Intelligent Design.

Creationism in another form was the prevailing idea when Darwin sailed around the globe. The display points out that it was easy to imagine an unchanging world, where everything had once simply appeared, when people lived their lives in the place they were born and rural life stayed the same for hundreds of years. The industrial revolution meant that change was a reality. (Even now, we are shocked by the change in our economy, inspite of  examples of shifts in the past.)

A year or so ago, I had an interview for a design role at the museum. When asked about how I would explain Evolution, I took it for granted that only Darwin’s ideas counted. Following that, I flunked the question, “Could you explain what Intelligent Design is?”.

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