Muster (River Thames)

[portfolio_slideshow] Photos taken on a Thames walk the day before the Jubilee Flotilla.¬† “A vast range of vessels also plied their trades upon the water. Barges and barks sailed beside chalk-boats; they were joined by small work boats, by pikers, rush-boats, oyster-boats and ferry boats, by whelk-boats and tide boats…. There were boatmen and chalkmen,Continue reading “Muster (River Thames)”

Autumn fruit

These photos were taken on a walk in Sussex called the Robertsbridge Circular. Your eye is attracted by the colour of the fruit and leaves along the hedgerows and in the orchards, especially rich in the autumn evening light.   ¬†      

My NHS reforms, part two.

Here is an update on a previous post about my own NHS reforms. I visited the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition ‘Dirt’, a tour of our relationship with dirt, illustrated by different places and times. One of the places was the 1938 Finsbury Health Centre, a modern and pioneering design which helped to advance healthcare in Britain.Continue reading “My NHS reforms, part two.”

View through a cardboard periscope

A view of the royal wedding from the side of the mall, through a cardboard periscope, an iphone and the Hipstermatic app. A swift glimpse of the main events is probably what most of the crowd bound spectators saw. It reminded me of being on safari. Cameras are at the ready, jostling for the bestContinue reading “View through a cardboard periscope”