Andromeda Strain (1971)

I’ve been reading about power of microbes, in the Gut (by Giulia Enders ) and in the Soil (Teaming with Life). The 1970s sci-fi film The Andromeda Strain, based on a novel by Jurassic-Park-author Michael Crichton, was an appropriate choice of viewing.

Top scientists are sent to uncover the nature of the deadly strain of bug transported from outer space by a US probe. The sci-fi lab is secreted below the a working farm, an agriculture research centre, where soil testing is taking place.  The experts are sent from the wooden building,  down to a streamline metal environment,  through different levels, further underground and through different colours ways. On route, they systematically have bacteria and fungus eradicated from every surface of their bodies.

Here are some stills showing the fictional crystalline micro organism, that doesn’t like too much of either acid or alkali, as seen in the top secret underground lab in red, yellow, silver and beige.


andromeda red 02

andromeda - yellow

andromeda yellow

andromeda beige   ANDROMEDA03








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