Gallery visit: PAL wrapped up in plastic and reflective oil


This painted PAL chart wrapped up in bubble wrap is part of an installation by a Ukrainian artist, showing at the Sattchi gallery in Chelsea. This colour chart, integral to video, is made even more analogue as it has been taken off the screen, away from the light source of a monitor, and painted with tactile plastic materials.

At last I have seen the oil installation by Richard Wilson. I found it mesmerising. It smells of the oil, making you think of its richness and its making, millions if years ago, un-remakable and a precious unfriendly susbstance. It is a material that causes wars.

The reflection of the white room is grey in the surface of the oil. The aesthetic reminds me of science fiction, the Stanley Kubrick interiors of 2001 space odyssey.

The space becomes more confusing the longer you stand on the balcony looking at it. It feels more and more like a large block of a room and the fact of the shallow layer of oil is forgotten.


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