Lib Dem Charity shop

Took a day trip with friends to look in charity shops in Hastings on the South Coast, known for second hand bargains. We found ourselves in the Lib Dem Charity Shop, appropriate as at that moment Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was in discussions with Conservatives and Britain was awaiting an answer as to who would rule the country.

The man who ran the shop was in the firing line. He said that he had had a phone call that morning from an furious Conservative who was appauled that the Lib Dems were even speaking to David Cameron. He then showed us a Lib Dem campaign flyer that had been posted through the door. Scrawled angrily across it in thick black marker were the words, Vote Lib Dem, get Tory! He couldn’t give us an update on the negotiations, but was waiting for the phone to ring.


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